2023 Brand New ASHITA AG3-40E 40kVA Silent Generator

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Introducing the 2023 ASHITA AG3-40E 40kVA Super Silent Generator - Brand New, engineered to provide robust power solutions with unmatched efficiency and dependability.

Boasting a powerful 40kVA/40kW power output (Rated Power and Standby Power), the AG3-40E is tailored to fulfill both Three Phase and Single Phase requirements, ensuring versatility across various applications.

This generator excels in fuel efficiency, enabling extended operation intervals without frequent refueling, making it an optimal choice for demanding scenarios.

With noise levels as low as 78dBA with its integrated canopy, the ASHITA AG3-40E guarantees minimal disruption during operation, making it suitable for diverse settings, including commercial and residential environments.

Equipped with a Smartgen Control Panel, users can effortlessly monitor and manage the generator, enhancing operational convenience.

Available at a competitive price of £4350 + vat, with attractive discounts offered on bulk purchases, including other variants ranging from 50kVA to 275kVA.

The ASHITA AG3-40E ensures uninterrupted power supply, offering a wide array of voltage options to accommodate varied needs. Supported by a 12-month unlimited hours warranty and comprehensive after-sales assistance, we prioritize your satisfaction and peace of mind.

For further details or to place an order, reach out to us today at 01254476679. Unlike our competitors, we are committed to customer satisfaction through a dedicated post-warranty spare parts system, ensuring seamless maintenance and support for your ASHITA Generator. Trust in ASHITA for superior performance and reliability.

Please be aware that these generators are end-of-line units and might have recorded between 1 to 3 hours of usage on the hour meter. Additionally, they could have been produced before 2019.