ASHITA AG3-70E 70 kVA Silent Diesel Generator / Genset

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The ASHITA 70 kVA Silent Diesel Generator epitomises quiet power. Designed for versatility, it guarantees reliable backup power for diverse applications, from commercial setups to residential use. Its silent operation ensures uninterrupted performance during outages, making it an ideal choice for those prioritising both efficiency and tranquility.

ASHITA AG3-70E 70 kVA Silent Diesel Generator / Genset

Rated Power: 60kW/74.5kVA
Standby Power: 65.8kW/82kVA
Engine Power: 66kW
Voltage Regulation: Advanced AVR system ensures stable voltage output.
Air Intake: Natural
Excitation Method: Brushless for smooth operation.
Governor: Mechanical
Cylinder Count: 4
Rated Voltage Options: Multiple voltage options to cater to diverse needs: 220V/127V, 380V/220V, 400V/230V, 415V/240V, 480V/277V, and 600V/346V.
Speed: 1500/1800 RPM
Displacement: 2.216 L
Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Fuel Efficiency: Consumes ≤231g/kw.h, ensuring optimal fuel utilization.


Physical Specifications:

Open Type Size: 2200mm x 800mm x 1200mm
Open Type Weight: 1200 kg
Soundproof Size: Length: 2450mm, Width: 1000mm, Height: 1300mm

Quality Assurance:

  • Comprehensive testing, including noise level and control panel checks.
  • 12-month warranty covers quality issues.